ViniYoga: Yoga, in general, as a practice in our culture, works! What is specific to ViniYoga is that it is so intelligent in sequencing for specific benefits as well as the sophisticated use of breath awareness to move the spine, I find, it works better. Now, how can I say better? Well, to really benefit from the practice and to stick with it ( hence the term, practice) you really have to pay attention to your own body.


Through my years of experience, I have powered my way through Vinyasa without much awareness and in my younger body, the speed in which I moved created a quiet mind from the physical exertion and the endorphin high.


I still love to flow in my ownbpractice but with the ViniYoga teachings, I guide you to recognize what works, how it feels and what doesn’t work for your body on a deeper level. You are empowered to go into your own breath awareness. And with adaptations of arms, legs, whatever is needed to suit your particular needs, the end result, is transformation as well as a good sweat.


This is not a one-size fits all approach. This means that you are getting the exact benefit that you need which is different than the guy next to you. You both have a different adaptation to the same pose and getting different, individual benefits. How cool it that?


I also teach chanting and breathing techniques that are unique to the teachings and those take you even deeper within the combination of postures.  What ever you need in the moment, in consideration of the time of day, your age, the weather or even the collective energy and the speed in which it is most beneficial for you to move, Viniyoga works better.


YogaINflow-Since I enjoy a good sweat just like the next Yogi, I have adapted my Vinyasa background with some intelligent sequencing to create my own combined Viniyoga called YogaINflow. Essentially, I guide you to move more intentionally and slower and then back and forth, in and out of postures with repetition and stay.  I keep within the tradition and then throw in a few unique variations while keeping you safe and stable. I also set my intention on creating a better SELF in order to SERVE OTHERS. I believe this is how transformation in action works and is truly beneficial.  I encourage you to find out more information on the Viniyoga website and please feel free to write to me if you have further questions. Better yet, come to a class!


Yoga INflow Everyday postures, breath and movement to link the life IN you to action!

This is an energizing morning flow to wake you up and get you going. We begin with an intention including the theme for the month ( See Therapy INmotion series)  and then gently guide you through postures to open up more energy, vitality and connection through the breath. Learn new ways to adapt poses for your individual needs based on principals unique to the Viniyoga tradition. Become more deeply aware of your core strength, alignment and discover your own authentic joy to help transform your world and the world for others.   Sign up online and then join us for tea and/or coffee after class to meet like minded people and hearts. ( shhh, we are creating a movement)

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