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New course starting SOON!


Lack of sleep can certainly make you grumpy and foggy.

But did you also know how it negatively affects your memory, health, weight loss, work productivity,
and even your sex life? 

Yoga Therapy for a Better Night's Sleep 

In just 4 weeks, change old habits and learn new ones
to improve your sleep, change your life and wake up
with more energy to do the things you LOVE
with the people you care about!

You will learn and apply yoga smart sleep practices to create sustainable habits to increase your sleep quality and quantity so you can take action the next day with clarity and purpose.

Here is what you get in this 4-week course. 

  • 5-Daily 10-15 minute videos each week.

  • 4-Complete Yoga sequences to learn and practice to help release body tension so you can fall asleep quickly and help you wake up with better energy.

  • 4-Breathing techniques to help you learn how to regulate your own energy levels.

  • 4-Monday evening Live Zoom coaching and Q & A sessions

  • Special meditation practices for specific symptoms such as anxiety and lethargy.

  • Additional practices and lifestyle tips on food, environment, and other mind/body sleep science.


Email me if interested in joining me for this small group or call 415-259-8900 you have any questions. 

NEW Newsletter SLEEP BANNER (1).jpg
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