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Jan. 29th 2022   1-3PM


Ayurveda Online Workshop for Healthy Living

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Festival of Color
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FREE Energy Tea recipe to help you get started 

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But, do you feel like a Mid-Winter SLUG?

  • Have you GAINED weight and it won't go away?

  • Feel generally FATIGUED and tired?

  • Can't get a full night's sleep and wake up groggy?

  • Notice more skin eruptions or hair loss?

  • Your appetite or bowel movements are irregular?

  • Your mental or emotional state feels "off"?

Learn a time tested system that can help!

In this introductory workshop, you can find out how ancient Ayurveda, Science of Life, principles can help you clear up your SLUG symptoms NOW and bring your overall health back into balance for NOW and into the future.

" This...

was a total mind
and body


Sondra, HR professional,
former dairy over-indulger

Bachelorette Party Presents
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WHAT IF you could ditch those
low feelings of lethargy?


Get that energy moving again by spending a couple of hours with us and changing a few things in your diet, mind, and maybe life! 


In this workshop, you will not only learn the basic guidelines for your Dosha (individual constitution) but you will also find out your daily energy clock and receive your Science of LIFE guidelines to help you WAKE UP with more energy every day in EVERY season!


It's a fabulous way to start a

JOIN this online interactive 2 hour workshop. Here's what you get: 


  • BONUS #1 - Living your best life!
    Top 10 tips to improving your energy


  • BONUS #2 - Daily Energy Clock


  • BONUS #3 - Science of LIFE guidelines for seasonal living.

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2022 - WHAT IF this year was different?

You can REBOOT your BOOTY

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I had a hard time this past year like many, getting my BUTT out of bed every day. And here I am, a yoga teacher! I have the tools!


Some days were better than others but OOoohhh, inconsistent sleep, and what about those aches, and pains?


The boundless energy of the past had been replaced by a pandemic stupor and I had hit the wall. I needed to reboot my own booty and I knew the combination of Yoga and Ayurveda could help. 

So, with the help of a friend, we created this workshop to address all my SLUG symptoms and I'm guessing...yours too!

" I realized how much unhealthy food I was putting in my body, and how eliminating it really had profound changes in my energy, self-confidence,

and even weight-loss".

Katy, Meditation Leader

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Remember the friend that helped me? She's pretty wise and an Ayurveda practitioner with years of experience. Her name is Donna Rixmann and I asked her to kick off this mid-winter workshop with me to add her special flavor of humor and Ayurveda knowledge


And, along with my years of Yoga Therapy expertise, together, we make a dynamic, and experienced team that can help you learn how to REBOOT YOUR ENERGY for a New Year More You! 

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Linda Prosche

Yoga Therapist


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...not with magic bullets or wands or empty promises, but with smart information.

Donna Rixmann
Ayurveda Practitioner


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Take the first step!
show you how...

Jan. 29th 2022   1-3PM


Ayurveda Online Workshop for Healthy Living

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Women Laughing on Beach

This 2 hour workshop is only $49 and includes your three bonuses.

Give yourself the gift of more energy in 2022. And invite a friend to join you on your journey. Plus, here is a FREE energy digestion tea recipe to help you get started. 

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It's a NEW YEAR to become MORE YOU!

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Please note: cleansing may not be appropriate for everyone. Don’t start a cleanse if you are less than 13 years old, sick, feeling weak, pregnant, breast feeding, recently undergone surgery, or have a serious medical condition. The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended as substitute for medical counseling. Consult your doctor before using any health protocol — including herbal supplements and natural remedies — especially if you have a serious medical condition or are taking any medications.

Contact Linda at (415)-259-8900 or

Donna at (916) 712-9642 for more questions

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