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ARE YOU READY to move out of Winter and sail into Spring - but your ENERGY is lagging behind?

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Feb 25th - Mar 10th 

Can't wait for SPRING? 

Have you noticed how the SUN can't wait for spring either? It's rising earlier and earlier these days as it transitions out of winter and inching its way into SPRING.


During this transition it can be difficult to get your energy revved up after a tedious winter of cold weather and "sheltering".  You may have also noticed your
lifestyle has stalled with perhaps some additional pounds looking up at you from the scale.  

14-Day Spring Cleanse EARLYBIRD pricing ends Feb.12th Sign up HERE

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" levels, moods, and your digestion can get out of balance if YOU don't know how to transition your diet and lifestyle with the seasons... " 

Donna Rixmann, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Can you relate to this?

According to Ayurveda or the Ancient Science of Life, optimal health is defined as the state when all your organs and body systems are balanced and 


That’s a mouthful for busy western people to say and understand but simply put, it all starts with the digestive organs and systems. When your digestion is out of whack everything is off and:

  1. Your digestive fire or agni is not working regularly

  2. Your mind and emotions are unstable AKA: mood swings or sugar highs, lows or low grade lethargy or anxiety.

  3. You are NOT eliminating easily

Stomach Ache

"the definition of optimal health is when all organs and body systems are balanced and symptom free!”

Most cleanses, diets, and detoxing systems simply want to MOVE OUT the bad and SHOVE IN the good. But guess what? Your digestive organs, including the brain power behind them DOESN'T WORK WELL THAT WAY.  In fact, I went through an entire summer finding out just how unstabilizing green drinks can be!


So, I reached out to my friend and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Donna Rixmann who helped me understand
that it isn't healthy for you if you cannot digest it, no matter how green it is!


Ayurveda doesn't view cleansing as a "one size fits " all battle.  It all begins with YOU and understanding your individual constitution or Dosha. Any imbalanced energy in your system then can be treated with it's opposite elemental energy based on your primary Dosha.

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Ever feel exhausted before you even get started?

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Get off that cycle....

You can absolutely get off that MOVE OUT and SHOVE IN cycle and feel better in our REBOOT you ENERGY
14-day Easy Spring Cleanse with Ayurveda and Yoga.


With some gradual and simple dietary and lifestyle changes, you will not only feel better but rev up your energy much more easily and sustainably this SPRING. 

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February 25 - March10th.  SAVE $50 if you sign up before Feb.12th 

" I realized how much unhealthy food I was putting in my body, and how eliminating it really had profound changes in my energy, self-confidence, and even weight-loss".

Katy, Meditation Leader

Green Salad

Three easy phases. Start here!

This 14-day cleanse with Yoga and Ayurveda will help restore your well-being and balance your moods and emotions through three phases over the 14-days. (A FREE introductory 15 minute consult is available for more Dosha specifics to those that are interested ).

Phase one


Pre-Cleanse  Feb. 24-28

This involves collecting  the materials you’ll purchase and receive during the cleanse. 

  • We start with an introductory ZOOM Call on Thursday, Feb. 24th. at 7:00 pm where you will meet your other cleansing buddies and get your questions answered.

  • Then, begin the official pre-cleanse on Friday, Feb. 25th, where you will gradually remove non-nutritious foods out of your diet the next 4 days. 


Phase two

Main Cleanse  March 1-5

  • Begin modifying your diet with suggested foods, recipes, and herbs for the next 5 days.  

  • Receive educational support through emails, videos, and a  private facebook group.

  • PLUS - Emails and videos of yoga sequences, breathing, and meditation practices to support your mind AND body.. 

  • 1 Group Zoom Call to answer any questions that may arise throughout the cleanse, specifically as we move into PHASE 3.

Phase Three

POST-Cleanse  March 6-10

Rejuvenation, post cleanse, is an important part of the process. These 5-days Include:

  • Slow reintroduction of foods.

  • A continuation of digestive tea and herbs and suggested supplements based on your Dosha to further stabilize mind and emotions and rekindle the digestive fire.

  • Final celebration ZOOM call on March 10th (DONT MISS THIS) and ongoing support is available. 


Introductory call on Thursday, February 24th  from 7-8 PM. CLICK here for the Zoom Link

In just14 - days you will...

Begin to stabilize your digestion and decrease those pesky food challenges.


You will also learn general shifts you can make as well as the individual changes based on your Dosha and the specific Spring season. Set the stage for more internal balancing and rejuvenating potential. 

In other words, we don't leave you "HANGRY" and WAITING to jump right back to your old habits. You will have the support of the group and two facilitators.

Tea Time
Yoga Lunge
Young Man Cooking

Ready to take the first step? We'll show you how...

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Linda Prosche

Yoga Therapist


Remember the friend that supported me?


She is also a Yoga Therapist and has years of experience in Ayurveda. I asked Donna to help me create this Spring Cleanse with me AND you in mind. Now, that's a friend! She adds her special flavor of humor and wisdom in addition to her vast 
knowledge of Ayurveda


And, along with my 20 plus years of Yoga Therapy expertise, together, we make a dynamic, and experienced team that can help you learn how to REBOOT your ENERGY through this 14-day
Easy Spring Cleanse.

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Donna Rixmann
Ayurveda Practitioner


NEW REBOOT spring cleanse graphics  (3).png
Elderly tranquil spiritual housekeeper h

Feb 25th - Mar10th 

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“Why drag the doldrums of winter

into the new energy of Spring?

Sign up by Feb.12th and get Early Bird pricing just $349

Regular price is $399                                  

SIGN UP BY FEB.12th.  Type in Code EARLYBIRD50

Make this transition your best ever with our delightful,

energy-shifting Spring Cleanse!

Contact Linda at (415) 259 - 8900 or Donna at (916) 712 - 9642
for more information or to ask questions. 

Please note: cleansing may not be appropriate for everyone. Don’t start a cleanse if you are less than 13 years old, sick, feeling weak, pregnant, breast feeding, recently undergone surgery, or have a serious medical condition. The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended as substitute for medical counseling. Consult your doctor before using any health protocol — including herbal supplements and natural remedies — especially if you have a serious medical condition or are taking any medications. If over 70 years of age, please contact Donna for a consultation. 

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