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What is Viniyoga Flow? 

From my years of Yoga education and teaching I have combined two yoga styles, Vinyasa Flow and Viniyoga to create a style I call, Viniyoga Flow.


Now, I love a good Vinyasa class to energize my body and even get in a good sweat. The speed in which I move creates that "quiet mind" just from the physical exertion and the flood of endorphins. What is deliciously specific and more sustainable about ViniYoga is that this style includes detailed instruction and intelligent sequencing around a specific theme and benefit. Through the intertwining use of breath and sound I move my spine in ways that help me find that deeper place. I also find that the creativity is endless!

A Viniyoga Flow class works best for people who are uninjured and or not currently experiencing any acute pain. My students keep coming back because they get faster results, can sustain the energetic benefits, AND understand how to adapt the postures to their specific needs for a sustainable, injury- FREE experience. We move and flow from one posture to the next using repetition and then periodically hold postures. Holding postures or "stay" allows for more awareness and a deeper connection for what is going on in that moment. I like to call it a "what matters to you?" moment.  Sign up here


What is Therapeutic Yoga? 

A Therapeutic Yoga class is different than a general yoga class because the practices are specifically designed to address short term and long term goals for multiple topics. The general goals are to:

  • Reduce the symptoms of pain, discomfort or at the very least, manage
    the symptoms that cannot be reduced.

  • Uncover causes that lead to unconscious movement patterns and that "habit thinking". 

  • Improve life function, vitality within a slower moving class.

  • Shift attitude and perspective in relationship to life’s challenges and to find out "What really matters" in your life.

This is great class for those who want to bring an even deeper awareness to what is going on in their lives from a bigger perspective. People with injuries or who are just coming back to yoga love this class for its educational component as well as the additional time taken for breath, chanting and meditation practices including end of class relaxation. Slower does not always mean easier, however.  I ask you to pay attention and apply the breath to the intentional movement and as always, move at your own level of ability.

Come join me in classes or book a private yoga therapy session to get started...or restarted. Learn new ways to flow and feel empowered in adapted postures for your individual home practice based on principals unique to the Viniyoga tradition. Become more deeply aware of your core strength, alignment and discover WHAT MATTERS to you most to help transform your world and the world for others.   Sign up here 

Yoga Club!
Meet your mat-mates after class and help create this FREE community (sangha) on and off the mat to talk about yoga and bringing more meaning into life! Each week we send out an article or video on something that MATTERS so we can discuss. You are welcome to suggest your own topic too!! Sign up here 

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