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"...problems associated with sleep deprivation

are obesity, depression, impairment in immunity,

and lower energy and sex drive."

Dr. Walia     National Sleep Foundation

Do you wish you could sleep better and have more energy the next day to do the things you love?

ONLY 10 spots available

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Yoga Therapy for a Better Night's Sleep Course

Sign up before Feb 4th and get $100 Off

Begins  Feb. 8th - March 8th

Here is what you get

  • 5-Daily 10-15 minute videos each week.

  • 4-Asana (posture) sequences to learn and practice to help release body tension so you can fall asleep quickly and help you wake up with better energy.

  • 4-Breathing techniques to help you learn how to regulate your own energy levels.

  • 5-Monday Live Zoom Q and A calls for 30-60 min. 

  • Special meditation practices for specific symptoms such as Anxiety & Depression.

  • Special practices and lifestyle tips on food, environment, and other mind/body science based research.


All videos will be made available after each session.

Bonus gifts and one-on-one private sessions.

"The study showed that a surplus of deep, restorative sleep could be the best defense against Alzheimer’s."

Matthew Walker, MD   UC Berkely

In this course and in just 4-weeks and 15 minutes a day, you will learn and apply yoga sleep practices to create smart sustainable habits to increase your sleep quality and help you wake up with more energy and clarity so you can take healthy action in your day and do the things you LOVE. Get your spot now. Only 10 spaces available.


Course Begins  Feb. 8th - March 8th

Sign up before Feb 4th and get
$100 Off 
ONLY $197

Regular price is $297. Call 415-259-8900 or email me at and I will get you signed up. Paypal and Venmo accepted. 

“...patients are suffering from shifts in their sleep patterns due to fears about getting the virus, concerns about loved ones, not being able to go to work, not having social contact with others.”—DR. RACHEL MARIE E. SALAS

The gift of a pandemic 

As a way of managing the stress of an uncertain timeline during this pandemic, I decided I needed some things to look forward to. I wanted to come out of this pandemic, in a sense, dreaming bigger and feeling more optimistic than when I went into it. Therapeutic Practices for Better Sleep I returned to my Viniyoga personal practices to dig up some recipes for  better sleep. I found a gold mine of resources that worked and helped me to be more energized when I woke up in the morning, as well as more productive during the day. 

“Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep.”

– Mesut Barazany

I had used these practices sporadically in the past but now, I decided to create a daily ritual/practice focusing on better sleep through breath, movement meditation and lifestyle changes and offer it to my students. 

Sleep issues are the #1 symptom of stress!

I knew what I had been practice could help others during this pandemic so I created a simple, 4-week online course that is effective and totally doable in as little as 15 minutes a day. I designed ways to be in community and support one another and even have some fun along the way. 

My goal is for you to sleep better and wake up with more energy because I know, EVERYONE needs a good night's sleep and I am happy to help you get there. 

SIGN UP - Yoga Therapy for a Better Night's Sleep

Our First Sleep Pod starts Feb. 8th - March 8th and you can take advantage of a $100 discount before Feb 4th. 

Regular pricing is $297. Call 415-259-8900 or email me at


WEEK 1 We start our course off with a weekly ZOOM call and the 5 daily videos to support postures, breath, meditation and environmental or sleep hygeine practices to address PM sleeping difficulties. 

WEEK 2 We  begin our week with Monday Morning Live ZOOM calls and Q and A. We continue through the week with video for postures, breath, meditation, and lifestyle tips for energy in the AM. 


WEEK 3 Monday LIVE ZOOM calls with Q and A. Plus more videos for practices to address the top two symptoms of sleep stress: Anxiety and Lethargy

WEEK 4 Our final week starts with Monday ZOOM Q and A calls. We continue with videos for practices for specific issues. Bonus videos for individualized meditations & breathing practices. Our final celebration

call  is Monday March 8th at 1:00PM 

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