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Before the Festive Frenzy, book your spot at our signature Daylong Green Gulch Retreat. Breathe in the silence of midwinter in the comfort of warm hearts.

Mid-Winter Retreat

With Linda Prosche Wellness + Yoga
Take a Breath - Yoga Retreats


December 3, 2023 

10:00 AM- 5:00 PM


Take a day off JUST FOR YOU! These Take A Breath Retreats are an opportunity to breathe, tune in, and find inner silence. Two nourishing yoga practices, organic lunch, time for playful beach walks, journaling and meditation surrounded by crisp ocean breezes, rustling redwoods,
and the reassurance of a setting sun.

Time to TAKE A BREATH and find inner silence.

Take-home sequence and organic vegetarian lunch included.

$170 for the day

Contact Linda at (415) 259 - 8900 
for more information on Green Gulch click here 

Take a Breath       Yoga Wellness Retreats


with Linda Prosche

Retreating away from your daily responsibilities, social commitments and even family  is necessary to develop a deeper understanding of not only yourself, but how you operate in this world as a human being.  What are your deeper callings? What is arising?

Whether it is a day-long, weekend, or extended retreat, Take a Breath Retreats will nurture you in luxury and care for you in ways that support your ongoing spiritual growth. TAKE ONE NOW!

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