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Now, I love a good Vinyasa class to help me sweat and lift my energy. The speed in which I move creates that "quiet mind" from the physical exertion and the flood of endorphins! 


However, I have seen so many repetitive injuries from unconscious movement in fast flowing classes that I adapted and created something deliciously specific and more sustainable using a ViniYoga style of yoga.


I have naturally combined all that I have learned over three decades into Viniyoga Flow and Viniyoga Therapeutic classes. Using detailed instruction and intelligent sequencing for specific intentions or benefits I can achieve longer lasting results for my students whether they move fast or slow!

What is Viniyoga Flow? 

A Viniyoga Flow class works best for people who are uninjured and/or not currently experiencing any acute pain. Viniyoga means to adapt and the detailed cues move the student from one posture to the next using repetition and periodically holding postures for self-inquiry and/or explanation. To hold or "stay" allows for a deeper awareness to what is going on in that moment and an opportunity for adaptation. Often the adaptation accommodates the need for props depending on the individual. The breath is the “magic” and is established at the beginning of class and applied to each asana, linking breath and movement.  Sign up here.


What is Viniyoga Hatha?

This Therapeutic Yoga class uses the same breath and awareness techniques of Viniyoga Flow but at a slower pace to create deeper awareness to accommodate individual issues. The practices are specifically designed to address short and long term physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals by:

  1. Reducing the symptoms of pain, discomfort or at the very least, managing the symptoms that cannot be reduced.

  2. Uncovering causes that lead to unconscious or dysfunctional movement patterns that contribute to "habit thinking". 

  3. Improving life function and vitality.

  4. Shifting attitude and perspective in relationship to life’s challenges.


People with injuries, or who are just coming back to yoga love this class for its educational component as well as the additional time taken for breath, chanting and meditation practices. Slower does not always mean easier, however. You will sharpen your attention as you apply breath to intentional movement to bring about an even deeper awareness and perspective. Sign up here.


Many students toggle back and forth between styles depending on what is occurring in their lives at the time. The classes complement each other beautifully and with the additional component of Private, one-on-one sessions, a full life practice is achieved. Whichever movement is best for you, as always, move at your own level of ability.

Come join me in classes or book a private yoga therapy session to get started...or restarted. Learn new ways to flow and feel empowered in adapted postures for your individual home practice based on principles unique to the Viniyoga tradition.  Sign up here 

Sweet Sangha  
Meet your mat-mates after class and help create this community (sangha) on and off the mat to talk about yoga and bringing more meaning into life! Space is limited and the location is in San Anselmo. Call if interested. 415-259-8900

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