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Pick a good topic and some workable dates for a 2 or 3 hour time slot and let's make a workshop happen! My specialty is to create a "curated" yoga workshop around your specific needs. This is not a one size fits all workshop! These workshops are offered in corporate wellness settings as well as to individual clubs and studios. All are taught by Certified Yoga Therapists. Please contact me for more information.

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BETTER than BASICS (to be announced)

A valuable workshop series to help students build strength, balance & confidence. For those who are new to yoga, just getting back into a practice or are not comfortable joining group classes. TOP  "general yoga class"  postures are selected and the "how" and "why" of the physical and energetic components are explained and demonstrated. We break it down so you can build up the structure, alignment and confidence in yourself to master the pose. Adaptations are offered for unique conditions. 

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THERAPY INmotion - Yoga Prescription Series (to be announced)

These are ongoing yoga workshops that cover the full range of body movement through muscles, joints and mindfulness. We pay special attention to the unique aches and pains of each student throughout the series. Each individual workshop focuses on a specific body part or condition of the body and offers ways to adapt postures for the most benefit to the student.  Great for athletes, as well as everyday bodies...especially those that hurt!

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Back Care - Lower Spine (TBA)

Your low back not only supports your skeletal structure, but is also the seat of your emotional and energetic stability. We connect through the cakra system to create better understanding of Ayurveda principles and stabilize the lower back to decrease pain and increase flexibility. 
(Based on protocols for The National Institute of Health)

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Back Care - Upper Spine (TBA) We continue the exploration and move to the upper back and how it can virtually change the way you hold your head up! The shoulders, head and neck muscles are all critical in the alignment and movement of the spine. Learn simple "Yoga Snack" practices that help you prevent stiffness and create more alertness and freedom for your daily activities. 

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Healthy Happy Hips (TBA)

Learn creative ways to keep your hips happy even in the most challenging hip "opener" postures.  Our emotional “baggage”  is often energetically stored in our hips and we will help you release tension and create ease. We will practice ways to increase stability both physically and emotionally through balance postures. 

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Knees-”If You Please” (TBA)

All that up and down in a yoga class! In life, our knees take a beating and you will learn ways to modify your yoga practice using yoga props and intelligent sequencing. Build strength, stability and awareness while supporting you structure. Great for new students who are considering surgery or those rehabilitating the knee.!

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Insomnia - "Are You Still Awake?" (TBA)

One of my most popular workshops! We are a culture that is chronically sleep deprived and simple lifestyle techniques and breath can help! Learn some of the reasons why you cannot sleep and special "sleep hygiene" practices. Begin to understand the role breath and meditation play in how you get to and STAY asleep. 

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Osteoporosis- Bone Health (TBA)

We all know of someone who is dealing with it or trying to prevent it. People often discontinue exercising for fear that they may get hurt which is often the last thing they should 

do! Learn some of the myths about bone density and how you can not only improve your strength but learn adaptive postures to keep your bones healthy.



De-Stress and Pre-Luminate your Holidays           

Step onto the mat and into the season with this special pre-holiday Yoga practice. This magical flow sequence is designed as preventative medicine for the parties, plans and family fun that lay ahead. Keep your calm and stay balanced with simple stabilizing core poses.  Additional twists support your digestive health and balance postures will keep you mentally calm.  Slowly wind down with a guided meditation on gratitude. 

Breathe and LIghtness for the New Year! Whew, we made it through 2019 and the over-expectations of January! Now, with a fresh breath, we connect with the heart, lungs and upper body. Breathing is a natural process of creating life and detoxifying the body. Our lungs are deeply connected to movement in the rib cage and shoulder girdle. arms, hands, neck and head follow in the health and wellbeing of the upper spine.* Special SWEETHEART BONUS, bring a friend to our February 14th class and receive a special sweet smelling gift from DoTerra essential oils.


Viniyoga - the art of adaptation  (TBA)
Viniyoga focuses on the individual needs of each student. In a group class, there is a unique flow which is a more personalized approach to breath and movement. Here, people will learn how to adapt their postures for their particular body type, age, needs. This gives each student permission to take care of their own injuries as well as to honor whatever stage of healing their body is in. True awareness is the result.


SPECIAL Health and wellness club series (TBA)

  • THE Breath and THE LIFT: Incorporating the yogic breath into weight training and lifting to deepen the meditative aspects of your training and the internal strengthening of core muscles.

  • En-Chanting your lift; Using yoga postures with weight training and sound ( deep vibrational vocals are like electric shock to the muscle groups) to accelerate and deepen the techniques.

  • Lifting and stretching PROPerly ” why do we need a block?” I get this question all the time. I reply, “the block is your friend”. So, make friends with your props in this workshop and learn how to use them properly. Props can help you  proper use of accelerate stretches while lifting weight or support areas that need a little help until the strength can build. 


Yoga, the Musical! (TBA)

Love music AND yoga? Why not have fun putting the two together in an energetic, rhythmic yoga class.  A 2-hour yoga practice to some of the great music
of our times.  Do you have a favorite playlist? How about all the oldies? An 80's run? Enjoy this club scene of a different kind. Included in this series is Rockin Yoga, Hip Hop Yoga and Disco Yoga, Jazz Yoga, and Classical Tai Chi Chih and Yoga.

You have a genre? We have a yoga class for you!

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