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My conscious choice to work with body movement really began at the same time my career as an art director started to take off.  Through the lens of the camera, I regularly observed the movement of the fashion models as they shifted ,swerved and contorted their necks and bodies just to get "the shot". more



and stories of transformation

"One in three Americans have tried Yoga at least once and 300 Million is the estimated number of Yoga practitioners worldwide. That's a lot of namaste! "
"Linda’s class stills your mind, opens your heart, and allows you to give in to the beauty of all that Yoga is. She understands it  so deeply and applies it individually to each student..."

Kim J. Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur

"Over the last few years, Linda has been one of my yoga instructors and she is the best! She delivers her instruction with serenity and warmth – and even a touch of humor – that makes me comfortable and  lightens my heart..."

John S. Retired Physicist,  80 years Young. 



"My fascination with the work of the body has lead me to an seek deeper education

in many styles of yoga and mindfulness practices through years of training. What I offer is a unique combination of "prescriptive practices", designed individually to suit your specific condition."   

Linda Prosché

I have extensive training in Kriya Yoga, Baptiste Power Yoga and Viniyoga as a teacher and therapist. I weave humor into the art and science of intelligent sequencing for unique group classes.

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I work one-on-one with those new to yoga, students with chronic illness and anyone in between. Getting personal attention is a game changer in how people step on their mat and into their life.

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This form of moving meditation was originally a warmup for t'ai chi chuan.
It is easy to learn & creates an intimate stillness in the midst of all 
activity that is appropriate for  all ages. 

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"Working with Linda has changed my life. Her intuitive sense of alignment and curiosity with how things work in the body has made this journey a bit of a ride...but a fun and rewarding one."  Bill W

I teach yoga classes in beautiful Marin County, CA 

I offer these at various locations from health clubs to yoga studios and  corporate wellness environments.

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I have so many workshops up my creative sleeves. Infinite ways to go deeper into the teachings and into the individual ways that

yoga CAN cure. 

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